"After gaining 65 pounds at pregnancy, I attempted to get fit and lose weight on my own, but kept failing.  After purchasing a size 20, I called Coach Norman to get some professional help.  Not only did I lose all the weight, but I am very comfortable in a size 8 now for five years.  His program works and the weight stays away!  Call Optimum 650 today!" -- Cindy Randall, Nashville
"I have been attending Optimum 650 for two years. I have lost 20 pounds. Thanks to John and his training I was able to run my first 1/2 marathon. This gym has support and training for all levels. " -- Lisa R. Franklin
"John Norman is the main reason for my return to health!  He engineered a personalized plan that was unique, diverse, effective and designed to increase my fitness.  After loosing 60+ pounds, gaining strength, endurance, and flexibility, he has proven to me that he is an expert in his field! " -- Rebekah